Is it safe?
2,4-D has been evaluated and approved for use in more than 90 countries around the world. This includes Sweden and Denmark approving the registration of 2,4-D in 2011.

Each time regulators evaluate a pesticide – typically every 15 years – they require new studies to meet modern safety standards. Pesticide regulators conduct specific risk assessments for sensitive groups including children and pregnant women, taking their unique physiological characteristics into account. They also consider the health of workers exposed to pesticides and worst-case scenarios are taken into account when determining application rates and label instructions. In their assessments, regulators consider wildlife and household pets, including dogs. Regulators find that 2,4-D can be used safely according to label use and that owners can expect no harm to their pets.

Time and time again, pesticide regulators in the United States, Canada, Europe, and around the globe have determined that 2,4-D meets strict safety standards in line with the WHO.